Full paper submission

Instructions for submission of full paper

Here are a pdf version of the instruction to authors, and a manuscript template. Please refer to the Instructions for the Submission of Full Papers.

Begell-House-Instructions IJEMCP-Full_Paper_Manuscript-Template

Full paper has to be submitted then to IJEMPC (for review and consideration for publication) and to 10-ISICP (for publication in the proceedings). You will find the two procedures below:

Full paper submission IJEMCP:

Submission to the IJEMCP can be proceeded by clicking:


Full paper submission formular for 10-ISCP proceedings:

It is recommended to generate the following file name: Logxxx-fullpaper-last name, where xxx correspond to the log number you received (see receipt of your notification abstract).

Upload the manuscript both in word and pdf format using the formular below:


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