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It is a pleasure for the organizing committee to announce that all full manuscripts for 10-ISICP symposium presentations will be made available on a e-tablet for distribution to symposium participants ONLY at the registration desk (included in the registration fee).
A full paper is required by 1 April, 2014. All full papers will be reviewed and considered for publication in the International Journal of Energetic Materials and Chemical Propulsion. You will find a pdf version of the instruction to authors, and a manuscript template in the “full paper submission” website section. Please refer to the Instructions for the Submission of Full Papers.

Submission to the IJEMCP can be proceeded by clicking:

Manuscript to be submitted has to be uploaded on this website in the section “Full paper submission” as well. A “no-paper, no-podium” policy will be enforced.

Call for Papers 10-ISICP

Instructions for Submission of Extended Abstracts

Authors are invited to submit an abstract in English to be considered for an oral or poster presentation at the Symposium. The deadline for submission of extended abstracts is December 6th, 2013.


Extended Abstracts must be submitted electronically via the Symposium website only. There is no paper form to complete or mail in. Any submissions received by mail or fax will not be considered. Only Extended Abstracts submitted in the correct format, as outlined below, will be reviewed. When submitting an Extended Abstract, the corresponding author will need to have on hand the complete contact information for the presenting author (the corresponding author should also be the presenting author). Before submitting an Extended Abstract, please carefully review the following submission guidelines :

Extended Abstracts must conform to the following outline : Extended Abstract title (as it will appear in the Final Program and in the Book of Abstracts) Authors and Institutions Extended Abstract body The Extended Abstract body is limited to 600 words with one optional figure or table. A template, is available and must be saved and filled out for Extended Abstract submission. Extended Abstracts must be submitted in MS Word (PC) format ONLY.

Template abstract 10isicp 2014

Please indicate your preference for an oral or a poster presentation. Final selection for an oral or a poster presentation will be made by the Scientific Program Committee. Do not resubmit your Extended Abstract for any reason other than a notified submission error. If you do not receive a confirmation email (this email is not automatic, therefore it could take a few days) with a receipt number that your Extended Abstract was successfully uploaded, please contact the Conference Secretariat Office. Submitting authors are asked to indicate a “Primary Technical Area” during Extended Abstract submission. On the Extended Abstract itself, please list both the “Primary Technical Area” and a “Secondary Technical Area” as shown on the template. The Specific Technical Areas are :

Area 1 Nano Technology and Innovative Methods in New Energetic Material Development Area 2 Synthesis & Characterization of Energetic Materials Area 3 Formulation, Processing, and Manufacturing of Energetic Materials Area 4 Insensitive Munitions Area 5 Hazard Reduction and Safety Aspects Area 6 Theoretical Modeling and Numerical Simulation Techniques for Chemical Propulsion Topics Area 7 Performance Evaluation of Energetic Materials Area 8 Aging, Stability, and Compatibility Area 9 Recycling, Disposal, and Environmental Aspects Area 10 Test Methods and DiagnosticTechniques in Chemical Propulsion and/or Combustion of Energetic Materials Area 11 Ignition and Initiation Processes Area 12 Detonation and/or Deflagration Processes Area 13 Thermobarics and Thermites Area 14 Innovative Rocket Propulsion Techniques Area 15 Rocket Thermal Protection Materials Area 16 Environmentally-Friendly “Green” Propellants Area 17 Commercial Applications of Energetic Materials Area 18 Performance of Advanced Propulsion Systems

All Extended Abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Program Committee. Notice of acceptance will be sent to the corresponding author by email January 20, 2014. Extended Abstracts will be accepted or rejected at the discretion of the Scientific Program Committee. Please do not call regarding the status of your abstract. Note to Authors Accepted Extended Abstracts will be published in the Book of Abstracts. Acceptance for paper presentation is based upon review of the Extended Abstract. All full papers will be reviewed and considered for publication in the International Journal of Energetic Materials and Chemical Propulsion.

Submission of an Extended Abstract constitutes the commitment of at least one author to register for the Symposium and deliver a presentation. Expenses associated with the preparation, submission, and presentation of a paper or poster are the responsibility of the author/presenter.

In order to be part of the 10-ISICP 2014 Technical Program, the presenting author must register by the Early Registration deadline of March 1, 2014 and submit payment at this time.

Extended Abstracts must be submitted via the Symposium website (only electronic submissions will be accepted for review). The authors are responsible for their technical writing. For authors who are non-native English speakers, please ensure their Extended Abstracts are English edited before submission. Your Extended Abstract will be published as submitted. The organizers do not accept any responsibility regarding the accuracy of the Extended Abstracts. The organizers reserve the right to reject any Extended Abstract at their sole discretion.

NOTE : Should there be a need to make a change after your Extended Abstract has been submitted, please contact the Symposium.

Template abstract 10isicp 2014

Extended Abstract Submission


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